Comparison table

of RigExpert antenna analyzers

AA-30 AA-54 AA-170 AA-600,
Frequency range
0.1-30 MHz 0.1-54 MHz 0.1-170 MHz
0.1-600 MHz
0.1-1000 MHz
0.1-1400 MHz

Frequency entry step size
1 kHz
Min. sweep range
10 kHz
SWR2AIR™ mode
- +
MultiSWR™ mode - +
Reactance sign measurement
Antenna connector type
UHF (SO-239) N
Output power
+13 dBm
-10 dBm
Output amplifier
CMOS logic
Output signal shape
Reference impedance for SWR measurement
50, 75 Ohm 25, 50, 75, 100 Ohm
Analog-to-digital converter
10-bit 16-bit
two 1.5V alkaline or two 1.2V Ni-MH, AA size
three 1.5V alkaline or three 1.2V Ni-MH, AA size
Battery voltage sensor
Operation with external power supply (without battery)
from USB
Color TFT,
Time Domain Reflectometer mode
- *
Flash memory for storing graphs
- 100 memory slots 90 R/X or SWR memory slots,
10 TDR memory slots
Multilingual support
(English only)
Presets for radio amateur bands

Make sure the latest firmware is uploaded to the analyzer. See the Downloads section.

* The AntScope software is able to plot graphs in Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) mode when AA-30/AA-54/AA-170 is connected to the computer.
Since the resolution of the TDR graph is proportional to the maximum operating frequency of an analyzer, much better results are obtained by using AA-230, AA-230PRO, AA-600, AA-1000 or AA-1400.

** The AA-520 cannot be used in TDR mode, since this analyzer cannot tell the sign of reactance.

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