RigExpert WTI-1

Wireless Transceiver Interface

Connect your transceiver to the Internet via a Wi-Fi network. Use your laptop to operate phone, CW or digital modes from anywhere in the world!

The following resources are available on-line:

To connect the WTI-1 to your transceiver, you will need a special cable. Fortunately, pre-built cables for many transceivers are available. Moreover, you may construct a cable yourself, using the diagrams published on our website.

Please make sure to update your WTI-1 to the latest firmware and use the latest version of the ShackLink software on your PC.

A number of user's guides provide step-by-step instructions of how to set up and operate your WTI-1 device. The guides are available in the PDF format at the Downloads section of our website:

  • The Quick start guide describes in a short form how to quickly set up your WTI-1 device to start operating.
  • The User's manual contains more detailed instructions and examples of the use.
  • The ShackLink software manual describes the ShackLink program deeply, so operating becomes easy even for an inexperienced user.
  • The Software setup examples will help you quickly set up your favorite software to operate digital modes via the WTI-1. Many other programs are supported, although not included in this manual.
  • Remote operation becomes easy with the Operating via the Internet guide.

Please see a short YouTube video featuring the RigExpert WTI-1:

Please also see a review of the RigExpert WTI-1 in the February 2015 issue of the QST magazine.

Visitors' comments

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Yurii Pavlenko   Rig Expert Ukraine

Postd at 6:04am on Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Dear David,

You can use WTI-1 with Kenwood ARCP-590. If you need more information please write to our support email (see "Contact us" page)

David   Pennsylvania, USA

Postd at 7:10pm on Sunday, February 21st, 2016

Will the wti-1 allow the use of Kenwood ARCP-590 running on the PC away from the radio via InternetI? If so, you will have a few orders. Thanks.

Renato I3EJ   Verona - Italy

Postd at 1:02pm on Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

What ??? No ethernet port ?? Why ?? I have the shack in the basement, no Wifi signal there, but I have a nice ethernet port on the wall near the transceiver. I should buy, install and configure an access point to use the interface. And ethernet cable is much more fast and reliable than WiFi. Please in the next revision put an RJ45 on this nice interface. 73, Renato I3EJ

Daniel Baral   Baltimore, MD USA FM19pi

Postd at 1:28am on Thursday, February 4th, 2016

Dear RT:

Your system just told me that my comments were rejected b/c of swearing...I do not swear...Well, maybe when I fell down the stairs and twisted my ankle...

As the post was a bit long and important enough from my perspective, to retype, I am a bit resentful.

Any way, I just purchased the WTI-1 with several sets of cables to try with several different radios. These days, time is a premium, and the hands shake as I get older. So, I purchased the cables instead of soldering them myself. Perhaps if I like the WTI-1, I will purchase more, although the WTI-1 is quite expensive. Of course, we all understand that is is not just the hardware that dictates cost of a product. It is the "idea," the innovation; product development; advertising costs; market research; and of course, market forces -- all of which enter to determine list pricing.

My comments dealt with the choice of the wireless/WiFi solution over that of a cable or hard-wired method at the host/server side. While WiFi/Wireless solutions are nice, they are not called for on the server/host side. If product research, however, demonstrated that perhaps customers would appreciate the WiFi approach, I would still suggest that in future manufacturing runs t... read more »

Juergen / DD2XJ   Germany

Postd at 7:18am on Monday, September 7th, 2015

Nice Interface,
please also add a fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet connection.
73 Juergen

Oleg UT5UML   Ukraine

Postd at 4:57am on Monday, January 19th, 2015

Both are suitable for use with WTI-1. 73

David G3UNA   UK

Postd at 7:25am on Saturday, January 17th, 2015

We are considering connecting my club transceiver to the internet for members to access. We have the choice of an 746 and an Orion. Are these both suitable for use with this device? 73

Yuri   Buffalo, NY

Postd at 11:06am on Friday, October 3rd, 2014

AI0DS - you may buy them online now from rigexpert dot net.

AI0DS   Iowa

Postd at 12:34pm on Friday, September 12th, 2014

I like this new interface. Where can I purchase it and at what cost?

Peter Martinsen/OZ1PMX   Thorsager, Denmark

Postd at 9:01am on Saturday, August 9th, 2014

Why not Bluetooth btwn PC es Interface ?

Rgds Peter

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