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RigExpert AA-200

Antenna Analyzer

0.1 to 200 MHz

RigExpert AA-200 is a powerful antenna analyzer designed for testing, checking, tuning or repairing antennas and antenna feedlines in 0.1 to 200 MHz range.

Graphical SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) and impedance display are key features of this analyzer which significantly reduce time required to adjust an antenna.

Easy-to use measurement modes, as well as additional features such as memory storage and connection to a personal computer, make the AA-200 attractive for professionals and hobbyists.

The new MultiSWR™ and SWR2Air™ modes are unique for this antenna analyzer.

The following tasks are easily accomplished by using RigExpert AA-200:

  • Rapid check-out of an antenna
  • Tuning an antenna to resonance
  • Comparing characteristics of an antenna before and after specific event (rain, hurricane, etc.)
  • Making coaxial lines or measuring their parameters
  • Cable fault location
  • Measuring capacitance or inductance of reactive loads
Antenna analyzer comparison table

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HA3IN/HG3X Norbert   Hungary

Postd at 1:15pm on Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Simple the best!
Great job!

R3/SM6LRR Mats   Near Moscow, Russia

Postd at 11:22am on Monday, May 18th, 2009

A great little piece of equipment (borrowed from my friend RA3AUU) made the quantity of grey hairs to remain at Status Quo... I used it to tune my RA6LBS top-loaded vertical for 160-40.

Excellent and easy to use analyzer!

Will buy one right away!

Andrea   Milan

Postd at 12:26am on Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Great product.
Join the yahoo group

Hugh - wc1t   Framingham, MA. USA

Postd at 10:15am on Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

From operating as a stand alone analyzer, to connecting it to a PC,, this is by far the best portable analyzer that I have used.

The ease of use, coupled with the ability to upgrade the firmware is a big asset towards long term ownership.

It's features far exceed other analyzers that are on the market.

Dean Showalter   Tijeras, NM U.S.A.

Postd at 8:30am on Thursday, October 9th, 2008

The analyzer works beautifully! As a result of my own stupidity? I damaged the instrument. It was returned to Denis at RigExpert in Ukraine by USPS airmail. It was repaired, and on the way back to me two days after he reicieved it! Now that is integrity and service!

Thanks Denis and RigExpert !

Léon ON4ZD   Belgium

Postd at 7:02pm on Friday, September 19th, 2008

With an aim of working with my antennas, I received from a friend in loan model AA-200. In addition to its facility of use, it is necessary to stress the accuracy of taken measurements. I could adjust my antennas very precisely.
In conclusion, I plan to get this type of apparatus to me which is a very appreciable tool for any amateur who builds or wants to work with the antennas.
I had on the occasion to use apparatuses of other marks, but none has this precision of the AA-220

Ruben EB5ESX   Spain

Postd at 3:41pm on Friday, August 8th, 2008

100% recommended analyzer.
I have owned some analyzers and this is of course the best.

Gary K2GW   United States

Postd at 3:39pm on Friday, August 8th, 2008

I purchased an AA-200 at Dayton and have been very impressed with it's features for it's price. It compares with much higher priced commercial units.

It will sweep an antenna in less than ten seconds and show a 100 point SWR curve on it's display. Very useful when up a tower! You can store and later download the data for even more detail on your PC. And you can update the firmware in the analyzer via the USB port as well!

The best value for the money in the market!

SV8RX George   Greece

Postd at 3:29pm on Friday, August 8th, 2008

The most sophisticated antenna analyzer as far as I know. Very well manufactured,accurate,many functions, long time of measurement with one battery charge. I recommended it without any hesitation!

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